7 Unexpected Benefits of a Career in Accounting

Advantages of a career in Accounting


Accountancy is a very important part of business as it helps keep a track of the financial dealings of a company, which is the ultimate aim of every business activity. It involves a systematic keeping of accurate and legally valid records of all the financial transactions, receivables, payments, taxation, growth, and profitability of a business.

Professional Qualification: A Pre-requisite for a Career in Accounting

A professional qualification is a pre-requisite for a career in Accounting and Eminent ACCA Academy has been providing professional courses after 12th in Accounting to thousands of students in India. Eminent ACCA Academy, considered the Best ACCA Live online course Institute in Mumbaiprepares you for a very rewarding career in Accounting by mentoring you for a globally recognized professional qualification ACCA Its ACCA coaching classes in Mumbai brings to you a world of global career opportunities through its ACCA courses after 12th commerce in India.

Perks of a Rewarding Accounting Career:

The perks you can expect through a globally recognized professional accounting qualification like ACCA includes:

Clear Career Path: A professional Accounting qualification lets you embark on a well-defined career path that is very rewarding financially.

Stable Career Prospects: Every business needs an accounts team and as long as businesses exist there will be a demand for good accounting professionals. So there is in-built financial security for a lifetime in a career in accountancy. It’s not like overnight you become redundant because the technology that you were qualified for has suddenly become obsolete due to the advent of some other new, more advanced alternative technology.

Potential for Professional Growth: A career in Accounting offers you a wide range of career choices as you are not restricted to a particular industry alone.

Choice of work wherever you feel comfortable: You have a choice to join the public sector or private sector as well as a wide variety of streams within accountancy itself. Eminent ACCA Academy through its professional courses after 12th in ACCA prepares you for a highly rewarding global career in the fields of Audit & Assurance, Business Development, Commercial Finance, Compliance & Risks, Consulting & Advisory, Corporate Finance, Cyber Security, Corporate & Business Accounting, Finance & Administration, Financial Services, Global Business Services, Investor Relations, Project Management, Tax, Treasury, Technology, and Data, Support Services.

It’s an ever-evolving Learning Curve: Regulation and technology are ever-changing so you as an Accounting Professional keep evolving as you have to keep pace with the latest amendments and best trade practices in the field of Accounting. This way you are always in demand and an integral part of your office’s core team. This way you always have opportunities for career advancement and you constantly move up the ladder of corporate success.

Greater Flexibility in Career: A professional qualification in accounting like ACCA gives you great flexibility in your career as you have the choice to pick up a job or even start your own business. The New courses after 12th like ACCA also give wings to your entrepreneurial potential by giving you the option of starting your own accounting firm for better professional recognition and career advancements.

Work in different environments: Being an Accounts professional lets you work in a variety of work environments-your office, travel to a client’s office either within the country or abroad, or work from the comfort of your own home.

Better Advancement and Career Outlook: You get a chance to deal with people from various backgrounds and building good professional relationships and networks throughout your career can play a vital part in providing professional growth. According to BLS between 2010 and 2020 accounting jobs grew by 16%. Accountants generally receive promotions in one or two years. Moreover, those with professional courses after 12th commerce in India has the best prospects.

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