Sail through ACCA exams with 5 proven tips to study

ACCA exams can be difficult to pass, whether you are taking them for the first time or need to finish the last module of the test. To pass the tests, you’ll need to prepare smartly because there are several papers covering a variety of topics along with choosing the best ACCA classes in Mumbai.

The ACCA allows you to work for top companies like KPMG, Ernst & Young, Deloitte, and PwC. Students may develop their planning and management skills in addition to finance and accounting instruction. Students can work while pursuing their education with ACCA Live Online Courses in Mumbai. ACCA certified students are in high demand in fields such as finance, consultancy, and auditing.

One of the most critical ways to succeed in exams is to use an appropriate research technique. Here are some tips to effectively study for ACCA Exam.

1.Follow the PQRST mnemonic:

If you want a ready-made guide for revising concepts, the PQRST mnemonic will help. Previewing, interviewing, revising, summarising, and checking are all terms that can be used to help you develop experience in difficult subjects. Preview the subject to see what you already know about it, jot down your questions, look up the answers, rewrite them, and try to summarise what you’ve learned; after that, solving a practice paper will help you remember what you’ve learned.

2.Solve as many practice papers as possible:

You’ve always heard that practice makes better, and this is true for ACCA training as well. Make sure you solve as many practice papers as you can for the exam, you’re taking from the ACCA papers list. The ACCA Live Online Courses in Mumbai conduct regular paper solving sessions.

3.Study the marking scheme:

Marking schemes will assist you in determining the number of distinct points you need to address in response to a specific query, as well as the depth of your response. When practicing past paper questions, studying the marking scheme will help you understand the relative marking for various types of question requirements.

4.Panic control:

You must apply the expertise in a specific context in order to pass the ACCA exams. This necessitates the ability to think critically. The last thing you want to happen to yourself before the exam is to become anxious. This will leave you perplexed in the test, forcing you to make mistakes that should have been prevented. The key is to focus on the positive aspects of the exam before it begins. You should try to remember your successes, the work you’ve put in (hopefully), and the prayers of your loved ones.

5.Solve the queries before you move ahead:

Before moving on to the next subject, make sure you have all of your questions answered: Your training can be jeopardized if you are in a rush to finish the entire syllabus. When you’re learning a subject, make sure you understand all of the concepts that go along with it. If you have any more concerns, feel free to reach out to the best ACCA classes in Mumbai.

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