Kickstart your corporate life with Professional Courses After 12th Commerce in India

Selecting the best fit of professional courses after 12th commerce for your career can, indeed, be a challenging task. Many factors come into play when you are choosing from New courses after 12th

What is your driving force for growth in life? Is it money or social service? Is it rapid growth or a steady speed graph? Are you looking to settle in India or are aiming to shift to some other country? How many hours of work are you willing to contribute? Are you more of a quantitative thinker or a qualitative thinker?

The list of questions you must ask before picking your professional courses after 12th commerce in India may vary from person to person. In our opinion, the best way to understand your driving factors could be by approaching a professional counsellor or a professional from the field you are looking forward to work in.

But if you know for yourself that you are set to ride the rollercoaster of the finance sector, here are some recommendations for the most rewarding professional courses after 12th commerce:

  1. CFA:   Planning to take your career ahead in investment analysis, security analysis or financial management? Simply become a chartered financial analyst! Conducted by the CFA Institute, USA, this course holds international recognition.
  2. CA:  This career sprang up from our very legal institution – in the name of Chartered Accountants Act in 1979. This course is a perfect blend of theory and practical implementation. You can apply for becoming a CA right after you complete your school and take your time as you clear different levels while you graduate.
  3. CMA:  Conducted by the Certified Management Accountant, this course has global recognition as well. This course specifically focuses on giving academic excellence in various technical developments in the finance sector. Technologies like extensible Business Reporting Language (XBRL) are taught in order to conduct accounting processes.
  4. CPA:  CPA stands for Certified Public Accountant. This is given the highest regard in the United States. For its scope in India, it provides you with international recognition, so you can get involved in international accounting policies.
  5. ACCA:  Basically, with this degree, you will be a CA according to the terms of UK accountancy! That too with global recognition of your degree. It is practiced in over 179 countries. Taxation, auditing, and pricing are the main focus points of this course. The eligibility criteria are accessible for all. Top companies like EY, KPMG, Grant Thornton LLP, Deloitte recruits ACCA professionals every year. Join Acca live online courses in Mumbai and get started to move ahead in your finance career.

But..WHICH professional course should I choose after 12th commerce?

While every course has its own pros and cons, ACCA gives the best return – in terms of growth, money and global recognition. The United Nations, the World Bank, as well as other significant worldwide bodies recognize the ACCA.

Is recession hitting your nation? No worries, with this globally recognized degree, you can get jobs from all over the world with the most cost-effective investment in your education. You can establish a fine blend between education and career since these test choices are so flexible. The tests take place twice a year, in June and December. The ACCA gives you the freedom to complete your ACCA Qualification in 10 years from the date of registration.

The Journey Ahead…

Early bird gets the worm! So, start preparing for professional courses after 12th commerce at the earliest possible! Through its ACCA coaching classes in Mumbai, India, the Eminent ACCA Academy is ideally suited to tutor you for an internationally recognized professional certification in accountancy. Eminent ACCA Academy is able to provide you with the best technical courses after 12th grade and set you on the road to a high-paying global career thanks to its qualified teachers, best-accepted study content, excellent infrastructure, and facilities.