ACCA: One of the most prominent Accountancy Qualification Worldwide


Is ACCA worth doing to settle in abroad with high income?

The Association of Certified Chartered Accountants is one of the most prestigious professional Accountancy bodies in the world, whose membership is internationally recognized. They have more than 2,27,000 members and about 5,44,000 future members worldwide., who are amongst the world’s best qualified and highly sought after accountants across private and public sector industries.

Eminent ACCA Academy has been providing professional courses after 12th in ACCA to thousands of students in India. It has been considered the Best ACCA Institute in Mumbai for more than a decade. It conducts ACCA Live Online Courses in Andheri, Mumbai from its classes with state-of-the-art infrastructure. It’s experienced faculty, best-approved study material and thousands of successful students who are today most sought-after professionals worldwide only enhance its reputation of Eminent ACCA Academy as the best ACCA coaching classes in Mumbai. This is because the ACCA professional courses after 12th impart to you financial and business skills that are essential for the creation of sustainable economies and flourishing societies.

The world acknowledges ACCA qualified professionals as innovative, strategic-thinking accountants that are the need of the fast-changing business world. Hence there is a great demand for them not only in India but abroad also across 176 countries. Besides since they are considered forward-thinking professionals with high professional and ethical values they are also one of the highest-paid jobs.

Advantages of ACCA Qualification:

Gold Standard Qualification: ACCA qualifications are considered the gold standard in professional circles the world over. It has officially been benchmarked to Master’s level.

Great Scope for Professional Growth: ACCA is among the few courses after 12th commerce in india that offers you a stable career with a wide range of career choices as you are not restricted to a particular industry alone. You have the choice to join the public sector or private sector as well as a wide variety of streams within accountancy itself. Eminent ACCA Academy through its ACCA Course classes in Mumbai prepares you for a very highly paid global career in the fields of Audit & Assurance, Business Development, Commercial Finance, Compliance &Risks, Consulting & Advisory, Corporate Finance, Cyber Security, Corporate & Business Accounting, Finance & Administration, Financial Services, Global Business Services, Investor Relations, Project Management, Tax, Treasury, Technology and Data, Support Services.

Flexible Career: A professional qualification like ACCA gives you great flexibility in your career as you have the liberty to pick up a high paying job or even start your own business. The professional courses after 12th like ACCA also equip you to start your own accounting firm for better professional recognition and career advancements, if you so desire.

Work Anywhere in the World:

ACCA has a worldwide reputation for excellence and is recognised and respected across the globe. It opens up opportunities for you in 179 countries with the best of organisations across all sectors.

ACCA helps you stand out of the Crowd:

Employers across the world seek out ACCA trained professionals because they are assured about their strategic thinking, technical skills and professional values. Employing them gives their organisation an extra competitive edge to succeed.

You can also suffix your name with ACCA designation.

Be a part of a Global Network:

An ACCA qualification lets you be a part of a strong professional global network that is so essential to succeed in today’s fast-paced business environment.

So if you are keen to settle abroad with a high paying job, let Eminent ACCA Academy with its ACCA Live Online Courses in Andheri, Mumbai be your guiding light as it has been the best ACCA classes in Andheri for years to thousands of successful students.