How can an average student complete ACCA Course or Pass ACCA Exams?

The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants is a well-known course that is recognized around the world and has a lot of potential in the future. The ACCA course will be a perfect fit for students who specialize in accounting in their school groups. It primarily focuses on finance and accounting.

A few pre-requisites in the 10+2 exams are required for the course, primarily in accountancy and mathematics. Students enrolling for their foundation level ACCA examinations with Eminent academy, the Best ACCA institute in Mumbai will have a strong foundation.

A large percentage of ACCA candidates fail their exams on their first attempt. Just about 40% to 50% of applicants pass their exams, on average. The remaining 50 to 60 percent of candidates must face failure. This failure may be caused by a number of factors. It’s unlikely that failure can be attributed to a single cause, according to acca coaching classes in Mumbai.

  1. Inadequate planning-

Many ACCA students fail to prepare adequately for their studies and exams. They don’t take the time to think about how they’ll study for their exams.

When making plans, think about things like your job schedule, time availability, the number of papers you’ll be attempting, and other personal considerations.

  1. Insufficient practice-

Many students put much of their time into preparing documents, and other research reports. They make the grave error of not studying for their exams in a controlled environment. The eminent academy boasts a steady curriculum around practice which truly makes it the best ACCA institute in Mumbai.

  1. Lack of conceptual understanding-

One of the most common explanations for ACCA exam failure is a lack of understanding of the concepts. Instead of learning the underlying concepts, students waste so much time memorizing rote content.

  1. Failing to respond to any of the questions-

This error is caused by one of two factors. The first explanation is that students miss parts of the criteria (or even an entire question) due to carelessness or exam stress. The second explanation is that students cannot handle their time effectively and run out of time. ACCA Live Online Courses in Andheri help you prepare with time constraints and pressure.

If you’re entering after you’ve completed your 12th grade:

If a student enrolls after 12th grade, he will be required to take a total of 13 journals. These articles will cover a variety of accounting and financial topics. In a successful year, the applicant will take eight papers per year, resulting in the student finishing the course in 1.5 years.

If you’re joining after graduation, here’s what you’ll need to know:

You may be excluded from a few subjects depending on your graduation program’s core subjects. In most cases, a B. Com graduate would be excluded from four articles, decreasing the number of subjects to nine and enabling them to complete the course in less than 1.5 years. Enrolling in the best ACCA institute in Mumbai is also a must.

So, if all of the papers are cleared in the first attempt, a student will complete the course in 1.5 years, and on average, the course takes 3 to 4 years to complete. Other technical courses can take up to 6 years to complete. So, depending on your education and experience, make sure you prepare your ACCA course properly and with the expertise of Eminent Academy, providing the best ACCA Live Online Courses in Andheri.