advantages of ACCA qualification


The Chartered Accountant (CA) is one of those prestigious credentials that is extremely difficult to obtain. For many students, becoming a CA is a dream come true. They work hard and study with the best ACCA institute in Mumbai. You will hold the most coveted positions in Big 4 and top international companies after earning your Chartered Accountancy.

While passing the ICAI’s CA exam places you in one of India’s most prestigious positions, Chartered Accountancy has very limited global recognition and opportunities.

Association of Chartered Certified Accountants provides a globally accepted certification, making it possible to work in multiple countries. If you are a CA looking for better job prospects outside of India or to supplement your current experience, you should consider ACCA. This has been regular preached by and taught on the highest level by Eminent ACCA Academy, one of the prime ACCA coaching classes in Mumbai.

Many international firms focus on recruiting accountants with a thorough understanding of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), and being an ACCA qualifies you to work with these firms.

These are some glaring advantages to study ACCA after CA –

Multiple Exemptions:

An Indian Chartered Accountant is eligible for up to nine exemptions from the ACCA’s 13 articles (from F1 to F9). Bypassing the four documents, you will immediately begin your professional qualification as an ACCA.

Global Recognition:

Qualifying for ACCA after CA benefits applicants by providing them with new opportunities. The best classes for ACCA in Mumbai will align you in the right direction.

Best in both worlds:

As an ACCA member, you are eligible to work in a variety of roles in multinational corporations. ACCA is recognized in 183 countries around the world, while CA is only recognized in India. As a result, obtaining an ACCA qualification would allow you to progressively broaden your career options.


When it comes to exemptions and job experience, ACCA is very accommodating. As a certified Chartered Accountant, you are already excluded from nine ACCA reports. Furthermore, your articles after the IPCC group 1 count against the ACCA’s Practical Experience Requirement (PER). Furthermore, ACCA exams have no aggregation, which means you just need to reappear for the papers that have not been cleared.


Exams are held four times a year by the ACCA. That gives you plenty of time to plan at your leisure, increasing your chances of passing. Also, the passing rate of ACCA is about 60%, which is significantly higher than that of CA. Learn with the right course material at Eminent academy, the best ACCA institute in Mumbai.

Global Opportunities:

Qualifying for the ACCA provides you with knowledge of global accounting laws and standards that are needed by firms operating worldwide. Accounting, company valuation, tax and treasury administration, and several other fields prefer ACCA-trained candidates.

A global career awaits you as you gear up to study for the course with one of the best classes for ACCA in Mumbai, Eminent ACCA Academy. Visit us for more information