The eligibility criteria for students vary for each country.

For India, students are eligible if they have completed:

10+2 / India School Certificate / Intermediate Certificate / Higher School Certificate / Higher Secondary Certificate / Pre-University Course/ All India Senior School Certificate/Senior Secondary School Examination

This is providing passes are held in 5 subjects (at least 3 in Year XII) including English and Mathematics / Accounts, mark of 65% in at least 2 subjects and over 50% on the others)
(For the Higher Secondary Certificate the marks are out of 200, so over 130 meets the 65% requirement and over 100 meets the 50% requirement.)
Below is a breakdown of the grades in terms of percentage and actual grade.
50%-60% = Satisfactory = C1
60%-70% = Good = B2
85%+, 80%-85%, 70%-80% = A1–A2, B1
For students having completed Grade 10 or not eligible for the above, they can also commence their ACCA qualification through the Foundation in Accountancy (FIA) route.

For further details about the eligibility criteria, you can contact us at Eminent ACCA Academy and we would be glad to solve all your queries.