Are ACCA recorded classes really worth the money?

Online and recorded courses of acca coaching classes in Mumbai are currently taken by a lot of students.

Non-traditional students that require the flexibility to work a day job and care for their family while still studying and growing to achieve that degree or train for new roles in their industry will find online learning to be a huge help. Especially in the case of ACCA, recorded online lectures are of huge help.

If you’re considering taking online or recorded acca course classes in Mumbai, you should assess the benefits and drawbacks against your career goals and preferred learning method. Here are some benefits and drawbacks of online learning to help you decide.


  • The primary benefit of online learning involves scheduling flexibility.
  • Online students can complete their classes from the comfort of their own home, a coffee shop, or a library. This benefit of online learning allows students to work in their preferred surroundings.
  • You save money on housing and board as well as commute costs by learning digitally. You may also make a wage and get an education at the same time because there is more flexibility.
  • You can get a global perspective and learn how to collaborate with people from other backgrounds and countries as a result of that interaction. When you are learning from the Best ACCA Institute in Mumbai, sitting in some other state or country, you also get access to the student community of that institute.


  • It’s possible that you’ll have little to no engagement with the lecturers. However, when you enroll for a recorded online lecture from the Best ACCA Institute in Mumbai – Eminent Academy, you can be assured of regular doubt-solving sessions and faculty interaction.
  • Recorded classes need time management and self-discipline. Setting aside time to study and complete homework is your duty. If you’re well-organized and can stick to a plan, you should be able to succeed in an online setting.
  • There may be fewer opportunities to network with peers depending on the coaching you take. Choose an offline class sitting choice if the social aspect is important to you. Although Eminent Academy’s acca coaching classes in Mumbai are known for providing online interaction amongst their students as well.


Eminent Academy is the Best ACCA Institute in Mumbai offering blended learning opportunities to best meet your needs through recorded or offline lectures. f sitting in a room with a trainer and having the opportunity for discussion with other learners sounds good to you then we can offer this. If you have enough people wanting to attend the same course.

If you prefer to study in your own time and at your own speed then one of our e-learning packages may be right up your street. There is a third option, which is you like the sound of both but perhaps can’t attend all training sessions, this is when blended learning comes into its own.